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Project Manager

Maria de les Neus Alos Palop

Architect / Born in 1977 in Valencia, Spain

Spanish Architect, passionate about design, Interior architecture, and ancient buildings. Her favourite material is emotions. She likes to work with light, colours, and textures, to obtain objects and spaces that influence users´ mood. Her work is influenced by history, observation and research across different disciplines - art, technology, design and philosophy, traditional and contemporary, occidental and oriental theories as Renaissance classical proportions or Feng Shui influence her approach to any new project.
After Graduating as an Architect from the Universidad Politecnica in Valencia, Spain; she gained experience in several renowned architecture and design consultancies, where she has participated actively in a wide range of projects.
She start working at Ramon Pons Romaní studio in Valencia, for 5 years she collaborated on architecture and urban planning projects, private and collective residential buildings as well as on projects for the public administration as structures dedicated to education or related to health care.
She always maintained a close relationship with furniture design, thanks to the continuous collaboration with the Valencian furniture industry. This allowed her to engage in the design of products, in the preparation of catalogs, etc.
In 2008 she moved to Milan, and from February 2008 to June 2012 she collaborate at the Sawaya & Moroni design and architectural office, working as project manager on a variety of projects, hotels, luxury houses, yachts, office buildings, etc.
In 2010 she established together with her sister, their design studio "Technical Emotions".

Art Director

Laia Alos Palop

Industrial Design Engineer / Born in 1980 in Valencia, Spain

Spanish Designer, enthusiastic about design, interiors and craftsmanship. She likes proportions and funcionality and enjoys doing craft.
She graduated as an Industrial Designer from the University Cardenal Herrera – CEU in Valencia, Spain, where she also pursued a Post-Graduate Masters Course in Industrial and Graphical Design, Lighting and Automotive.
Following the studies began her professional career at Dosmo Disseny S.L., Valencia. A furniture manufacturing company where she experienced the entire design and manufacturing process... from the concept to the final product. Here among others was studing the market, generating ideas, feasability studies, controlling production costs … ultimately ensuring saleable and successful products.
With a common wish to work in the design capital, she moved to Milan, Italy together with her sister. There at Sawaya & Moroni, a design and architectural design office it materialized. She collaborated in several luxury projects as hotels, yachts and private residences, where almost everything is possible, only request is to produce unique and special spaces and products. Even after gaining this rich experience, in 2010 she moved to The Netherlands following her belief that life is a continuous learning experience; where she collaborated for 2 years at Wetzels Brown Partners (Amsterdam) in different projects, such as the renovation of Hajenius, the interior design of SY Better Place or the interior design and custom made furniture of a Mediterranean Penthouse.