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Avatar/foldable table

Contemporary approach to the Mediterranean outdoor furniture tradition.
  • Client: Prototype
  • Date: August 2011
  • Photo:©Technical Emotions
Product Design

The table Avatar is a metaphoric representation of the change, the constant and positive change that pushes the individuals to grow by stimulating their capacities to adapt to new environments and diversity. Two tables within a table. Like a butterfly, this multifunctional table can experience a metamorphosis from a coffee table to a dining or a desk table by a simple rotation mechanism. Avatar adapts its shape to the user needs, but keeps the same elegant simplicity of its lines in all its different positions.

This modern furniture concept of playing with the space and function has been the inspiration that has generated the germinal idea of this element. The table structure and top can be made of a variety of materials like aluminium, plastic, wood, etc…and by choosing the material and colour, the element gets a large variety of connotations that can be adapted to many different ambiences and user personalities.

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