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Diamond / chair & armchair

Contemporary approach to the Mediterranean outdoor furniture tradition.
Light and shadows play.Light like the wind.
Colour freshness.
  • Client: Prototype
  • Date: August 2011
  • Photo:©Raquel Clausí
Product Design

The Diamond chair is a contemporary approach to the Mediterranean outdoor furniture tradition.

Inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, on the shells and sea snails, and in the way that nature combines rounded shapes with geometrical patterns, making the whole coming from the union and intersection of both, harmonically mixed, harmonically organized and becoming one. The combination of holes and lines that compose this element, plays with light drawing special and very suggestive shadows on the floor as the sun changes position, giving movement to this static furniture element, making it seem alive.

The chair can be made from either iron or recycled aluminium rod; it is formed by folds following a soft curve pattern. There is a removable, round upholstered cushion available for the diamond chair that is also available in many different fabrics and colours.

The chair is stackable, and for this reason is easily storable and movable. The many finishes of the diamond chair allow it to become very adaptable for use in many environments, but also more importantly, the colour ranges allow for the product to have deeper aesthetic properties. Subtle colour changes can become the difference between an elegant perhaps "nostalgic" feel and an equally beautiful fresh object.

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