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Madame Boiserie / Wall Cladding and elements

  • Client:Ice Design
  • Date: 2015
  • Photo:©Technical Emotions
Product Design

Innovative wall paneling system and modular elements for interiors in Corian® by DuPont™, easy assembly and application on existing surfaces, ensuring a finish of excellence on any facing. The panels improve the aesthetic and physical qualities of spaces (Thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing); this panels offer great freedom of design and customization of the walls.

The módular elements allow an easy instalation of sanitarywar (floor standing or wall mounted, without requiring brick work), and integrate the necessary fittings and fixtures. The panels can also provide extra storage space, support for mirrors and shelves.
The modularity of the system, which adds value to the product, allows an infinite number of compositions and their adaptation to any space.

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