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Sir Nivens / lamp

The lamp, with its Led RGB, allows playing with colours and intensity of light.
Sir Nivens lamp, invites you to enter into your own inner Wonderland.
  • Client: Prototype
  • Date: March 2013
  • Photo:©Technical Emotions
Product Design

Sir Nivens is inspired by the White Rabbit, the fantasy character in "Alice in Wonderland". At the beginning of the story, Alice follows a white rabbit into a hole to see where he ends up going. Shortly after entering the hole, she realizes that she is falling into an unknown place. Like in the book, Sir Nivens lamp, invites you to enter into its own inner Wonderland. The possibility of changing the color of its soft light, together with its round shape, recreates the changes of natural light through the course of the day. The lamp Sir Nivens illuminates the space like the sun and the moon illuminate the sky.

By the principle of Chromotherapy experiment, light affects both the physical and etheric bodies. Colours generate electrical impulses and magnetic currents or fields of energy that are prime activators of the biochemical and hormonal processes in the human body, the stimulants or sedatives necessary to balance the entire system and its organs. The lamp, with its Led RGB, allows playing with colours and intensity of light, to create different ambience and sensations.

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