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Technical Emotions

Project's approach

Design oriented strategy for bringing value to your business and life.

Client´s value

We work closely with our clients. This collaboration is the key to a successful project, starting from the presentation of our ideas to enjoying the journey that will take us to the final result.
Our free approach helps create the perfect design that fits our client´s exclusive style.
The best way to start this exciting journey is to recognize and evaluate the baseline; conducting a detailed analysis of the client´s history, resources and strengths.
We develop a brief of objectives based on a previous detailed analysis of the requirements and e project objects, spaces and installations, that respond to our customers dreams by using new technologies and respecting the environment in a practical and useful way.
Only by recognizing every client's identity, character and charm, will we be able to obtain the best outcome.

Tools & resources

Our identity "Technical Emotions" contains our philosophy.Our work fundamentally integrates technique with emotions. With a technical background, our espertise lies in working with materiality, physics, mathematics and more.
However, our principal challenge is to be aware of what kind of emotions and feelings the object, the space, the technology awaken in us.
We are a multidisciplinary team, that strives to integrate different disciplines to obtain the best outcome.We consider every new project from various points of view; aesthetic, functional and technical, thus breaking old barriers to enable a holistic approach.
Evolution in the creative process by adopting a whole vision of the creations, where art and technique serve human welfare.

Design for Function

We focus on the particular use or set of uses for which the project is being designed for.
We design ergonomic products and spaces for uncomplicated use, maximum comfort, a long serviceable life, and a minimal environmental footprint.
Our function motto: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo da Vinci.

- Safety
- Thermal comfort
- Physical comfort
- Spatial distribution and optimization
- Ergonomics
- Acoustic comfort

Design for Beauty

"Our language is the language of art, the language of the subconscious, which provides a platform for true emotions to be expressed…"
"Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, and creeds follow one another; but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons and a possession for all eternity." -Oscar Wilde.

- Colours
- Shape
- Art
- Style
- Proportions
- Textures

Design for Innovation

We work with and for innovation. We integrate the new technologies in our projects to be part of the continuous evolution.
"The important thing is not to stop questioning." -Albert Einstein
"All that someone can imagine, others can turn it into reality." -Jules Verne.
These words encourage us to never put limits on our imagination.

- Technology
- Interaction
- Optimization
- Technique
- Ecology

Design for Communication

Communication design is the practice of planning and shaping a message in content, form and delivery.
It potentially encompasses a number of design practices, including information design, information architecture, advertising and marketing.
Our communication aim is about message and effect; it focuses on touching people through transmission of ideas.

- Branding
- Appeal
- Message
- Catalogues
- Events


Our identity "Technical Emotions" contains our philosophy - The Creative Evolution

By the integration of technique and emotions, something 'whole' can be achieved. This is our motto, this is our goal!

Our work fundamentally integrates technique with emotion. We have a technical formation and we work with materiality, physics, mathematics,…but not only…
Our principal search is not the shape, the image, the space, or a technological item, but how aware are we of what kind of emotions and feelings this object, this building, this technology awaken in us.
Perhaps the next step towards a "Creative Evolution" begins with a full awareness of this "whole". Absolutely everything is made up of more than just parts. In our opinion, "Everything is more", it is not a debate about a struggle of opposites or addition of parts; but something that goes beyond the acceptance and admiration of the beauty that exists in the "complex reality". With acceptance of this 'whole', we release our spirit and our mind, abandoning old dualities:


Negative and Positive move together, they become our raw materials - bending and adapting to each other and becoming one.


Form and Function become our eyes. Some have looked at the world using only one eye, or first one and then the other ... we want to see the world in all its dimensions and it is only by using two eyes that we achieve a deeper perception of objects, spaces, ...


Light is the most potent source of life, shadow being its by-product. Shadow and light are inseparable ... Light is the very source of creation, the illuminated becomes visible, the shadow creates the materiality and volume... The light is reflected and "voilà" everything appears…


The perception of the difference between matter and energy is just a matter of scale. If we go a little further where the great secrets of smaller dimensions are hidden; we find that at the scale at which quantum physics is relevant, the distinction between matter and energy no longer exists. At source it is a unit. Our goal is to achieve this integration on a larger scale.


"All that someone can imagine, others can turn it into reality." - Jules Verne. These words encourage us to never put limits on our imagination.


When we walk we raise one foot and go forward, the other stays behind, strongly supporting the body's full weight. That's the way we walk, that's the way we move. Moving with one foot always forward and the other strongly supported by the past. We use all of our resources, to walk first and then run, jump, dance, ....


"Every human being, if it proposes can be sculptor of his own brain." - Santiago Ramon y Cajal, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1906."

Our body reacts following our feelings. It generates different hormones depending on our state of mind, our fears, our moods and those hormones produce physical changes. The emotions are the way through which body and spirit communicate, they are the channel through which body and mind interact, so close to each other, so influenced by each other,…so magical! By considering this, emotions become a powerful tool to create our physical reality.

These are the principles of the machine that connects our ideas and moves our soul...

The Logo

The Buttefly curve (trascendental)

The butterfly curve is a transcendental plane curve discovered by Temple H. Fay.

Our logo contains a strong symbol of our philosophy, the integration of art and technics.
We chose a butterfly to symbolize the art of continuous change, evolution and metamorphosis. We decide to use a mathematical curve equation as a representation of our technical approach.

Our logo represents equally, beauty and science, technics and emotions.

The curve is given by the following parametric equations:

Butterfly Parametricl equations

or by the following polar equation:

Butterfly polar equation

You can discover its generation process following this link

Butterfly Parametricl equations

European Programes

Technical Emotions has participate in the european programe Xpande Digital

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